Varsity Headwear x Sophia Sørholt

Since 1979, Steen & Strøm has been an institution in our city. In recent years, the department store has found its way back to its former prowess, a journey that we at Varsity Headwear are proud to be a part of. When we were asked to create something unique for Steen & Strøm’s 225th Anniversary, we wanted to come up with a creative way to celebrate the store’s rich history, while acknowledging Steen & Strøm’s modern relevance. We therefore decided to work with a young artist, Sophia Sørholt, who has created five unique, hand-painted caps.

Varsity Headwear - Sarah sørholt steen & strøm

Varsity Headwear - Sarah sørholt steen & strøm caps

The caps will be on display on the ground floor of Steen & Strøm until 13 August and are available to purchase through auction, with all proceeds going directly to UNICEF.

If interested, you can place a bid here.