Our Story

The Cap Specialist

Since the beginning, Varsity Headwear has focused solely on perfecting the craft of the baseball cap. By pairing the finest raw materials from the world’s leading textile mills with a refined fit, we have developed a cap to stand the test of time.


It all started in 2013, when brothers Alex and Sebastian Salvesen Adams set out with the vision for the perfect baseball cap. Having grown up in Oslo, Norway with an affinity for baseball caps, the two were left longing for a higher quality cap that was distinguished by its fit and materials, rather than the logo over the brim.

The brand began to take shape when Alex and Seb first produced a limited range of twill wool caps that they would sell to family and friends in a small space beneath their parents’ architecture practice in a side street in the Majorstuen neighborhood of Oslo.

Following the first collection, they saw the opportunity to further develop the collection with a focus on sourcing fine fabrics intended for different seasons. This began with Italian Linen for the summer months and Merino Wool and Oilskin for the winter months and has since evolved into a range comprised of over 25 unique textiles.

Inspired by our Scandinavian roots

Since the beginning, we have instilled our Norwegian values in all aspects of our business—from the product itself to how we look after our people and our shared environment.


Since we started over a decade ago, our journey has taken us all over the world, allowing us to meet our customers and partners face-to-face. The relationships we have fostered over the years have allowed us to take a small Norwegian family business and turn it into a truly international team of talented individuals. Thanks to the efforts of our entire community, Varsity Headwear stores can be found in Oslo, Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Kuwait City, with pop-ups and wholesale partners around the globe.