Our Approach

Our mission from the beginning has been to create timeless, high-quality products that are made responsibly. We do not take shortcuts in the development of our caps and are proud of the close relationships we have formed with our suppliers and factories. While we recognize the challenge of creating a completely sustainable product, our primary focus is to develop the best possible product, that is made ethically and that has a long life span.

Guided by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, a global blueprint for a more sustainable future, we have identified three key goals where we can make a meaningful impact within our industry:


Decent Work and Economic Growth


Industry Innovation and Infrastructure


Responsible Consumption and Production

As we navigate the path towards a more sustainable future, we invite you to join us in this journey.

Our Process

Our Process


We are committed to optimizing the logistics of our value chain and investing in future-focused solutions. This is the most complex part of our production, but also where we can create the greatest impact.


As a manufacturer of goods, it is important that we take a full-scope view of the impact our products have on the world. We prioritize taking responsibility and hope that our customers to do the same.


We craft our caps with fine fabrics sourced from the world's leading textile mills.

Our design team travels the world in search of the top materials and components for our caps. Many considerations are made when selecting material partners:

Highest Quality

The material should be of the highest quality to increase the longevity of the cap.


The look, feel and color of the material are all considered, bringing our customers the most unique options from around the world.


How the material is made and the environmental impact is prioritized when selecting a materials partner.


It is important to consider the geographic location of our material partners in order to reduce our emissions through transportation.

Our suppliers, partners and employees are at the heart of everything we do at Varsity Headwear.

It is our responsibility to take care of our partners and provide them with the support, working environment and tools that they need to be successful and happy in their work. Our team regularly visits the assembly facility and completes an annual review of Varsity Headwear’s Code of Conduct agreement with our assembly partners. This agreement specifies requirements for them to operate at an essential standard of health and safety, anti-discrimination, fair labor and sustainability.


We prioritize reviewing the different stages involved in the production of our caps, with the goal of minimizing our environmental impact along the way.

Logistics are the most complex part of becoming a more sustainable brand, but also where we can create the greatest impact. In 2020, we completed a full assessment of our carbon emissions and saw that over 55% of our total emissions were coming from the transportation of goods. It highlighted that although our direct emissions as a brand our low, the transportation of our goods is where we can have the most impact on our logistics output. Since then, we have implemented positive initiatives and are continuing to prioritize improving our logistics practices.

Shipping Alternatives

We have improved our processes to allow for shipment by boat instead of plane, resulting in a huge reduction of carbon output in the production of our caps.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

In partnership with DHL, we are one of very few small businesses globally that use sustainable aviation fuel in the shipping of our products. This is a cost that Varsity Headwear pays for and prioritizes as an investment into a more sustainable future.


We prioritize taking responsibility for our products from creation to the after-life of our caps.

It is important that once a cap has left Varsity Headwear, we have done everything in our control to increase its longevity. The lifecycle of the cap is where you as a customer can have the greatest positive influence over the environmental impact of your cap. Things we consider in the lifecycle of our products:

1. The Construction

Our team meticulously selects fabric taking into consideration how it will wear, the ease of cleaning based on the textile´s composition and the degradability of natural fibers. Every single cap component has been intentionally selected based on the quality and longevity of it - such as recycled plastic brims and stainless steel rings on the backstrap.

2. The Customer

Once the cap reaches a customer, how they use it and care for it will highly influence how long it will last. As a conscious consumer, you can improve this process by:

  • Measuring - Start by measuring your head accurately before you place an order to avoid unnecessary shipments for size exchanges or returns.

  • Selection - Choose a cap that you know you will cherish and are motivated to care for. If you're not sure on what cap you want, please reach out to our team or wait to purchase. We aim to be around for a long time. 

  • Care - Take care of your cap by following our care instructions, so you can prolong its life and utilize the cap to its fullest potential. We offer our customers premium cleaning products such as brushes, cloths and soaps to encourage regular cap care. 

  • Repairs - If there is ever a quality issue or if a cap has been damaged, we currently offer a repair service in Oslo and are looking into a solution which allows us to offer this to our customers globally. 

  • Pass It On - If you're not regularly using your cap, please pass it on to someone that will continue to wear and care for it.

3. The Afterlife

Varsity Headwear is not only responsible for our entire supply chain but for the afterlife of our products. If your cap has been so loved that it is beyond repair, we would be happy to recycle it responsibly for you. In October 2021, we launched the PANT Project - a test recycling program for our customers. At our Oslo Flagship Store, we collect and deconstruct used caps to recycle the materials in the best way possible. If you are not located in Oslo, please look into local solutions on how to best recycle your cap.