What’s the Succession Obsession with Caps?

It seems as though the days of the simple baseball cap emblazoned with a sports team logo or vintage US truck company having the monopoly on headwear is on the slide. The more refined, beautifully crafted hat made from finer materials is now very much in the mix thanks to the popularity of HBO’s hit TV drama Succession. So, which brands are they wearing? And more specifically, what style is Kendall Roy donning?

which caps are they wearing in succession tv serie

Which baseball caps are worn in Succession?

All centered around a high-flying media conglomerate, the Succession caps have been a source of much conversation since the inauguration of the show in 2018. In fact, national newspapers worldwide have dedicated many column inches to the one wardrobe staple shared by all characters - the baseball cap.

A style statement that is as powerful as the scorn of Logan Roy, the clean lines of the Succession baseball cap presented in such beautiful fabrics from brands such as Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli help to carry a sophisticated and premium aesthetic for the characters, who let's face it, do have the benefit of an extensive disposable income. Although Varsity Headwear does not have the household brand name (yet), we use the same high-quality fabrics in our own caps including 100% Loro Piana cashmere, with half of the price tag.

The impact on Varsity Headwear as a result of Succession has been an eye-opener, with a hike in demand, especially in the US for our caps as a perfect go-to to get that Succession ‘look’.

So what does a Succession baseball cap look like?

It is apparent that the main take-out for those on the lookout for the Succession baseball cap is quality. Even the big screen manages to capture the finer detailing and luxury fabrics that sit comfortably on the heads of the show’s stars. Clean, sophisticated with an alluring shape and effortless style, Succession baseball caps manage to encourage dressing from the top downwards rather than the other way around. Dark colors are the mainstay with black, navy, and grey conjuring that luxury cashmere or fine wool image synonymous with the show.

Here we select Varsity Headwear’s most premium choices for the perfect Succession baseball cap, fusing our premium designs with eclectic fabrics across woolcashmerelinencotton and oilskin to name just a few.

which caps are they worn in Succession tv show