What’s the Succession Obsession with Caps?

With the recent popularity of HBO’s hit TV drama Succession, the discreet, unbranded baseball cap has taken a new leap into the mainstream, particularly for those looking to fly under the radar (aka ´Quiet Luxury´). Often referred to by the media as a “Succession cap”, the Roy family’s accessory of choice has accumulated intrigue across the globe, with many wondering where they can find a cap of the same elegance, without breaking the bank. 

which caps are they wearing in succession tv serie

Which baseball caps are worn in Succession?

Centered around the internal power struggle of the Roy family, Succession has been a conversation-starter since its debut in 2018. While many aspects of the series focus on excess, the character’s wardrobes have gained notoriety for their discretion – particularly their use of baseball caps.

Featuring clean lines and exclusive fabrics, the caps seen in Succession serve as a style statement as powerful as the scorn of Logan Roy. Paired with everything from tailored suits to cashmere sweaters, these caps add to the characters’ sophisticated looks. Sourced from Italian luxury brands such as Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli, the caps seen in Succession share much in common with those found in our range at Varsity Headwear—including Loro Piana cashmere and our refined ‘Soft Front’ shape.

So what does a Succession baseball cap look like?

From the Manhattan boardroom to the Norwegian fjords, Succession has demonstrated that caps aren’t just for the baseball diamond. The key distinction of the ‘Succession cap’ is its details – from fit to fabrics – creating an effortless sense of style which encourages dressing from the top down. The dark colors seen atop the heads of the show’s stars also add to the luxurious, understated look, with black, navy, dark grey and shades of brown taking center stage.

As the show closes out with its final season, Varsity Headwear has a curated selection of caps to give you the ‘Succession look.´ Discover our range of caps, featuring premium fabrics such as Cashmere, Wool and Alcantara and Linen.