Camel HairLegacy Soft


Delivers within 3-6 business days.

Both sophisticated and timeless – our Camel Hair cap adds the final touch to an everyday look.

Design & construction

Design & construction

Designed for

Camel Hair is designed to be a winter wardrobe staple. Known for its recognizable color, we've crafted an elevated cap for a piece of everyday luxury.

Legacy Soft shape

The Legacy Soft is a 6-panel cap, with the same panel design as the Legacy Structured, but with no additional stiffening in the front panels. The soft front panels allow the cap to form more to the head, giving a more relaxed appearance.

Baby Camel Hair

Camel hair is a specialty fiber produced by Piacenza in northern Italy. It is made by gathering and weaving the hair that is naturally shed from the camel's undercoat and is known for its superior softness and excellent insulating properties.

Ethically Manufactured

It is our responsibility to take care of our team and partners, providing them with the support, working environment and tools that they need to be happy and successful in their work. Our team regularly visits our partner factories and completes and annual review of our Code of Conduct to ensure that they are operating with a high standard of health and safety, anti-discrimination, fair labor and sustainability.

Quality Materials

We are fortunate enough to work with some of the world's most renowned fabric mills, allowing us to invest in the finest raw materials for a cap that will stand the test of time.