Varsity Invites | Winter 22

A common saying we use at Varsity is, “The sum of multiple efforts is always greater than one of the individual.” This has been reflected in all of our “ambassadors” around the world this past year. These are creators, photographers, and athletes from across the globe who love our product and are Varsity Headwear’s biggest advocates in their communities—something we do not take for granted.

This past year, we wanted to recognize the work of those whom we have worked closest with. Each was introduced to Varsity in their own unique way and our relationship has turned into projects, photoshoots, and partnerships – the way ambassadorship should be. To say thank you, we brought together a group of 15 people from across France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States to share a special piece of our brand with them in our home country of Norway.

Day 1

We headed out on an overnight trip to the top of Finse for two days of adventure. Located in Western Norway, Finse is only accessible by foot or by train, along the historic Bergen Railway.

The station is also the highest railway station in Norway, at 1222m above sea level. As a result of its remote location, nature in the area remains very untouched.

The filming for the opening scene of “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” took place at Finse in 1979, where they used the nearby glacier as the setting for Hoth. Because of the remote access by train, all crew and equipment had to be transported up by train.

Cabin culture or “hyttekultur” is a unique and special thing in Norway. We spent the evening at Steinboligen, a modern, architectural cabin situated on Finsevatnet, the glacial lake beside Finse.

To fully immerse our guests in Nordic life, we took a late-night dip in the freezing cold waters of Finsevatnet and then quickly made our way to the sauna.


If there is one thing to know about Norway, it is that you can never predict the weather. We arrived to a winter wonderland and woke up to a hailing rainstorm, with 40 kph winds. Although our nordic guests were acclimated, this weather was a new and exciting experience for the French.

Luckily, we had two mountaineers at our disposal, Tobias Modin and Anders Vestergård. They guided us through the essentials of navigating through different terrain in Norway and the importance of understanding your surroundings.

We then ventured out into the storm. Despite the harsh conditions that are typical of Norway, there is a certain quietness when surrounded by never-ending nature.

Looking back at the trip, bringing together 15 people from all walks of life to the top of a mountain may seem like a crazy idea, but that is the Varsity Headwear way. There is something truly special about so many unique individuals in one setting and connecting through a shared love of our product and experiences.

If you are interested in starting the conversation with our team about future opportunities like this, do not hesitate to reach out.

Photography: Mathieu Pellerin & Tanner Cindric
Videography: Pierre Blondel

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