Behind the Design: Kids Caps

Our Kids Caps are the latest edition to our cap range. We wanted the same great quality and fit as our signature caps, but in a miniature size for children. We sat down with one of our head designers, Ingerð, to understand the considerations that were taken into the design process to create the perfect cap for kids.

Consideration One: Soft Structure

The caps were intentionally designed without any structure or stiffness in them. This makes them extremely comfortable on the head and easier to wash. We understand that clothing does not stay clean very long on children, so the soft shape makes it much easier to wash and can even be thrown in the washing machine on a cold, light cycle.

Consideration Two: Elastic Strap

We have replaced our signature strap system with an elastic strap on the Kids Caps. The elasticity still allows for flexibility in size, but is much easier for the wearer. It also makes the cap lighter and easier to wash without any metal components.

Consideration Three: Wider Brim

The brim is soft, so it appears wider on the head. This was intentional to increase the sun protection on the child’s face, which is so important, especially during the sunny summer months.

Consideration Four: Natural Materials

We have used Italian Linen and Cotton for the Kids Collection. These are both all-natural materials and of very high quality to increase the longevity of the cap.

Consideration Five: Leftover Fabric

The pinstripe fabrics are leftover materials from previous caps. This is a great and more sustainable way of working. We can take leftover fabrics—which often create a huge amount of waste in fashion manufacturing—and use them on smaller products such as the Kids Collection.

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