Give Back Friday

This Black Friday, Varsity Headwear is supporting of Stiftelsen Sykehusbarn (Children’s Hospital Foundation). Every year, over 70,000 critically sick children spend time in hospitals across Norway. It is Stiftelsen Sykehusbarn’s mission to bring some light and joy to these children during their stay. Bring joy to sick children this Black Friday.

The history

The foundation was established in 2011 by two fathers whose young daughters were both diagnosed with serious cancer. They experienced firsthand that there was very little social support outside of the health care being given for the children and their families. The two of them wanted to make a difference for the children in the hospital and recognized the importance of bringing light to the hospital, during dark times.

About Stiftelsen Sykehusbarn

Stiftelsen Sykehusbarn is a children’s hospital foundation that works to bring some joy during incredibly hard times to children with serious illnesses. The foundation works with over 70,000 children every year, with different initiatives such as music therapy, entertainment and computer coding - anything to bring some light into the child’s life when in the hospital.

Shop for good

This Black Friday, join us in giving back. From November 24-26th, we will be donating 10% of all sales to Stiftelsen Sykehusbarn (Children’s Hospital Foundation) in support of much-needed activities for children throughout hospitals in Norway. Stiftelsen Sykehusbarn is run completely through private financing and relies on financial donations, such as this initiative, to fulfill its purpose.

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