Below we have tried to give you a guide to the most important topics our customers ask us. If you can´t find what you are looking for you could try the common questions section below. 

Finding your size

Use a measurement tape to measure your head. Measure in the same angle as you would wear your cap. Please repeat the measurement three separate times to ensure accuracy. The video below shows how to measure correctly. Consider that all our caps can be adjusted +/- 1,5 cm using the strap.


We make caps in a range of colours and fabrics in different collections, organised according to the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The caps for summer are lighter and more breathable than the winter caps, which have wool fabrics and interior lining for extra insulation. In addition to this we have the Sports Series and the College series. The Sports Series is our active technical cap, using softshell fabrics that are windproof, water repelling and highly breathable. The College series is our classical cap using twill fabrics, made like the old-school American baseball caps we loved growing up.

Adjusting the size

All our caps come with the possibility to fine-tune the size approximately +/- 1,5 cm by changing the length of the strap. Our signature strap is adjusted by either pushing or pulling the strap through all four metal rings. The video below show exactly how this is done.

Care & Cleaning

Your new cap is a combination of fine fabrics and great craftsmanship. A cap is fragile and should, like any other rigid hat, be taken good care of. Please avoid compressing or squashing your cap. For travelling we recommend filling the cap to help keep the shape for example with a t-shirt.

Your cap should be regularly cleaned using the Varsity mini-roller. Use a clean moist cloth to wipe away any dirt or stains as soon as possible. Please note that stains, especially from sweat and chlorinated water, can discolour the fabric permanently if not removed.

Some models can be hand washed, but it is critical to use cold water and a mild textile detergent without bleach (Study the care label inside the cap first). Dry the cap by filling it out with a towel, to help maintain the beautiful shape and avoid wrinkling. Keep away from direct heat such as radiators or sunlight while drying.

Due to the fine construction of the cap, machine washing or tumble drying is not possible.

Delicate fabrics

Fine fabrics made from natural materials are delicate and should be handled with care. We choose fabrics for their natural characteristics in combination with their elegance, feel, colour and performance. Please note that most fabrics are susceptible to abrasions, chemicals, stains and sunlight. We have therefore tried to choose colours and textiles that will mature beautifully.


For each of the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter we develop new and unique collections. The style and shape of our cap remains the same, while we experiment with different fabrics and colours that complement each season. In addition to our seasonal collections, we from time to time launch limited editions and specialised collections like The Sport Series.

Returns & Exchange

We offer free return with a 30-day policy if the cap is unused with original tags attached. Please read the Return & Exchange guide that was included in your order box and watch the video below for tips and instructions.

Videos, Tips & Tricks

Adjusting the size, bending the brim or attaching the cap saver strap, follow this link to see our tips and tricks videos.


Common questions

What are the differences between the sizes?

Our caps come with an adjustable strap on the back which you can adjust approximately 1,5 cm.

Our recommended size guide is as follows:

XS (52.5-54.5 cm | 20 ¾ - 21 1/2  inches)

S ( 54.5-56.5 cm | 21 ½ - 22 ¼ inches)

M (56.5-58.5 cm | 22 ¼ -23 inches)

L (58.5-60.5 cm | 23-23 ¾ inches)

XL (60.5-62.5 cm | 23 ¾ - 24 ⅝ inches)


From our experience women often tend to choose a small or a medium size, while men often choose either Medium or Large. All heads are unique so difficult to predict what might fit just you without measuring your head. 

What countries do you ship to?

Worldwide to all countries that DHL are able to deliver to.

How much duties and taxes do I have to pay?

All taxes and duties are included in your order price. No surprises.

How long time will the shipping take

We pack all orders ourselves from our Oslo store after a final quality check. We do this as fast as possible and always within the next working day. If you order by midday (Oslo time – CET) we often manage to send the same day. Shipping time is normally one day to most large cities in Europe and 2 days to large cities outside Europe. Please note that these delivery times are indications and not guaranteed. Note that delivery takes a little more time if you live in a rural area or in smaller cities/towns.

What forms of payment do you have?

In our store we accept payments via MasterCard, Visa, Paypal and VIPPS (Norway only).

The cap I want is no longer in stock, when will it be back?

All our collections are made from our custom made fabrics, therefore when we have used all the fabric for one season we do not reorder until the following season. If the hat you want is on our website but out of stock you unfortunately will have to wait until next season to see if it returns.

Some of our caps are based on different seasons and may not come back in later collections due to design changes or availability. Any questions regarding this may be asked by mail or telephone.

I have received a gift card, how do I use it?

Digital gift cards: Unfortunately we currently do not offer digital giftcards.

Physical gift card: Please email in order to redeem your gift card and place your order or come by our store to get your hat right away.

How do I cancel my order?

If your order hasn’t been shipped yet, we can cancel and return the full amount paid. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to organize a refund. If the order has shipped you will need to follow the regular return guidelines included in your order.

Where do you produce the caps?

We design all our collections and caps at our HQ in Oslo, Norway. We source fabrics from different factories and weavers, primarily in Europe. The caps are sewn together into the finished cap at our partner factory in Vietnam. We work closely with all our suppliers in order to make sure we can produce the highest quality caps, while at the same time making sure everyone involved in our value chain has good working conditions and fair pay. 

How do I attach my Capsaver strap?

Please follow this link to Vimeo to see our little How to video

 Video guide

Can I exchange size or return my cap?

Yes, if your cap is still in perfect condition and you have not used the cap, you can either exchange size/colour or return your cap in our store or use the return service. Please read the Return & Exchange guide that was included in your order box. 

Can I wash my cap in the washing machine?

Please do not, it will easily loose its beautiful shape and the fabric can be damaged.  

What is the status of my order?

All orders are handled as swiftly as possible and usually shipped within maximum 2 working days. You can follow your shipment by using the tracking link in the email we sent you. 

What is Varsity's social media name?

What is the Varsity Owners Club and how do I become a member?

To become a member of the Varsity Owners Club you need to own a Varsity Cap. When you become an Owners Club member you will receive our newsletter, get special invitations and access secret products. If you are not a member, but would like to be, please go to the Owners Club page accessible from the main menu. 

Do I need an account to order online?

No, you can order as a guest. To access the checkout page, choose your cap and go directly to payment.