Finding the best sports cap

When it comes to finding the best sports cap, it is important to select the right one for your performance needs. From the perfect golf cap to your trusted running cap, the cap needs to be comfortable and versatile.

As a cap specialist, we pride ourselves on having a range of caps that are designed to meet the performance requirements of specific uses. Sweat-wicking, anti-odor, lightweight and fast-drying are just a few of the key qualities that differentiate our technical caps from our other collections. Although our specialty caps may seem suitable for working out, it is these performance qualities that highlight the importance of choosing the right cap. When other fabrics such as linen or wool are worn for excessive sweating or working out, they will not properly withstand, quickly showing sweat stains or discoloration.

Within our technical range, we have three series: Intensity Sport, Athletic Sport and Active Tech. The range has been designed to cover all bases, from low intensity activities to more rigorous sports.

Whether you are looking to workout, run or simply use your cap in everyday settings, each series has been thoroughly tested to meet your specific sporting needs.

Athletic Sport

Athletic Sport was our first technical cap. It has seen many new renditions and improvements over the years and we believe that is our best, all-around sports cap. Athletic Sport is made from a lightweight, soft shell fabric from Schoeller. It has a smooth finish which gives it an elevated look for your sporting activities and everything in-between.

Intensity Sport

Intensity Sport is designed for your sweatiest sporting pursuits. Different from the other caps in our technical range, this cap has a soft shape for maximum comfort and movement. Intensity Sport is made from a lightweight, ultra-breathable 3D mesh to keep you cool, no matter the activity.

Active Tech

Meet the "Swiss Army Knife" of caps. As its name suggests, Active Tech was designed for those on the go. It is made from a technical 3-layer ripstop fabric from Schoeller, giving it durability and all-weather resistance. If you look closely, you will see a subtle ripstop pattern for an elevated, everyday cap.

Sports cap care

As important as it is to find the right cap, it is equally important to care for your cap after use in order to maintain its performance qualities and appearance. It is easy to forget that a cap is like any garment and should be cleaned after use. To prevent any discoloration, we advise you to wash your cap by hand and remove any sweat or stains as soon as possible. For this, we have developed a Textile Soap for regular cleaning and a Stain Remover Foam for fresh stains.

A quick tip that many of us use at Varsity Headwear is to give your cap a quick rinse under cold water after use (or even jumping in the shower with it post-training!). Once washed, we recommend you fill your cap with a towel to maintain its shape. Read our full cap care guide for more information.

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