Designer Discussions: The Wool Series

The launch of our new Wool collection is one of the largest to date. Our design team has added new colors, updated best-sellers and sourced some of the most exclusive materials for the special editions. In our new series, Designer Discussions, our design team explains their inspiration behind this season’s color palette and the importance of wool for the upcoming season. 

The History of the Wool Cap

“We started making wool caps in our 2nd year of operation. Our customers were asking for an even higher quality cap than our original college cap, and one that would fit into their winter wardrobe. It was our intention to create an elegant cap using some of the most exclusive fabrics we could find. We started with Cashmere and Merino Wool and our customers immediately loved the caps. They were another level of quality and functionality for the autumn and winter seasons that we are so familiar with in Norway.” - Sebastian, Co-founder

Varsity Headwear - old wool Series back in the days

What’s New This Autumn Winter Season

This season we have added many new colors, updated our best-sellers and sourced three new exclusive special editions. Our team was inspired by a shift towards more raw, natural materials and earthy tones. You will see this translated in the new Walnut Brown, Mix Tartan and the use of Alpaca Wool in the collection. In contrast, there is also a movement for more feminine pops of color, which you will see in Antique Rose and Sky Blue.

Varsity Headwear - walnut brown wool cap for ladies and men

There is also a renewed focus on our best-sellers this season. As mentioned, we have been selling the same colors for many years now, so it was time to update and modernize some of our more well-known colors like Taupe Brown and Umber Beige.” - Michelle, Lead Designer

Varsity Headwear - black and grey wool caps unisex

“We are also very proud of the improvement in the sustainability of our leather straps. From this season, all of our leather straps are now made at Tärnsjö Garveri in our neighboring country of Sweden. Tärnsjö Garveri is among the remaining 5% of tanneries in the world who have continued the tradition of vegetable tanned leather in favor of chrome tanning—a process that creates toxic wastewater and less durable leather.” - Ingerð, Lead Designer

Varsity Headwear - black and grey wool caps unisex

Our Wool Partners

“Our textile partners are an integral part of our business. The quality of the wool used in our caps determines the longevity and overall look and feel. We seek out the specific mills that can create the perfect color tone and performance capabilities that we require. This season, we are very proud to work with some of the world’s most exclusive woolen mills that have been developing fabrics for hundreds of years. Their expertise and attention to detail lead to the high-quality textiles found throughout our range. Our partners include: Loro Piana, Lanificio Angelico, Abraham Moon & Sons, Leichtfried Loden, Vitale Barberis Canonico and Fratelli Piacenza. We are fortunate to be able to use some of the finest materials in the world for our caps, while offering a product at a much more attainable price-point than luxury brands.” - Sebastian

Varsity Headwear - wool material used in caps

Our Wool Partners

“For us, wool is a sign of quality and is a material that is so often used by Norwegians due to its ability to perform in a wide range of conditions. The look and feel of high-quality wool speaks for itself and when used, it elevates our caps to another level of luxury. The amazing thing about wool is that if you care for it correctly, it can last for years and years (read more about cap care here). Aside from the visual qualities, Wool has unique performance qualities. Although wool is known to provide warmth in cooler conditions, what some people don’t know is that the material is actually quite breathable and transports moisture away from the skin. As a result, this material is ideal for the autumn and winter months, but it can also be used year-round. In addition, it is also somewhat self-cleaning, naturally wrinkle-resistant and does not hold smell.” -Anniken, Junior Designer

Varsity Headwear - texture wool fabric.jpg

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