Granite Grey Wool

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Simplicity meets sophistication — this dark rich grey hue is a Varsity Headwear classic.
This cap is made of 100% virgin wool woven in the Piemonte region of northern Italy. We use the highest quality virgin wool to ensure warmth and durability for the cooler months. The cap is lined with a luxurious viscose material.
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Use & Care


Our wool caps are ideal for cold winter days. Its insulating properties will keep your head warm in everyday situations and during outdoor activities.


After several uses in different weather conditions, stains may occur. Because of this, we recommend handwashing your Wool cap regularly in order to ensure its longevity.


You should always handwash your Wool cap. Do not use a washing machine to clean your cap. We recommend using our Textile Soap on tougher stains, but please note that the inner lining may shrink slightly after washing. Click here for further instructions.

Fabrics & Specifications

Exterior Fabrics:

100% Wool.

Interior Fabrics:

47% Viscose, 30% Polyester, 23% Cotton.


The cap is fitted with an adjustable nylon strap (+/- 1.5 cm), held together with stainless steel rings.


One of our caps produces approximately 5.8 kg CO2 from production to shipment. This is equivalent to 5 washing machine cycles. For every Varsity Headwear cap that is produced and shipped, we offset the amount of CO2 through our cooperation with CHOOOSE. Learn more here.

Shipping, Returns & Duties

Free Global Shipping:

We offer Free Express Global Shipping on all orders for Owners Club members. We do our best to fullfill your order within 1 working day (Monday-Friday). We use DHL Express with expected delivery time 1-4 days. Please note that expected delivery times are not guaranteed and that it may take more time if you live in a smaller city.

30 Day Free Returns:

We offer free 30 day returns on all purchases and 60 days for Owners Club members. Every shipment contains a return label and a step-by-step guide for how to easily return or exchange your cap.

Taxes & Duties Included:

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Size & Fit


XS (20 ⅗ - 21 ⅖ inches | 52.5 - 54.5 cm)
S (21 ⅖ - 22 ⅕ inches | 54.5 - 56.5 cm)
M (22 ⅕ - 23 inches | 56.5 - 58.5 cm)
L (23 - 23 ⅘ inches | 58.5 - 60.5 cm)
XL (23 ⅘ - 24 ⅗ inches | 60.5 - 62.5 cm )

Our caps are available in a range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit. Our backstrap is adjustable up to 1.5 cm/½ inches.

For further instructions‚ use the (?)-button found above.

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Size guide

XXS (48 -52.5 cm | 18,9-20.6 inches)

XS (52.5-54.5 cm | 20 ¾ - 21 ½ inches) 

S (54.5-56.5 cm | 21 ½ - 22 ¼ inches) 

M (56.5-58.5 cm | 22 ¼ -23 inches) 

L (58.5-60.5 cm | 23-23 ¾ inches)

XL (60.5-62.5 cm | 23 ¾ - 24 ⅝ inches) 

How to use a measurement tape:

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