Our caps are a combination of fine fabrics and great craftsmanship, all designed to last. Like any other garment, it should be well taken care of. By continuous cleaning and care, you can increase the longevity and wear of your cap which benefits both you and the environment! Depending on the fabric, you can wash a baseball cap, but it should always be washed by hand, using proper care. Below, we break down how we recommend maintaining your cap based on the material it is made of.

A few good general rules to start are:

Cap Travel

The construction and fit are key elements of our caps. It is important that you maintain the cap’s shape as well as possible. To achieve this, we recommend avoiding adding any unnecessary weight to your cap that could alter its shape. When traveling, we recommend using our travel case to ensure your cap looks the same when you arrive at your destination as it did when you departed.

Rinse & Repeat 

Always look after your cap following excessive use and sweating. If your cap comes in contact with sweat, chlorinated pool water or other chemicals, it may experience discoloration, in which case it is important that you remove these liquids as soon as possible. If you use your cap for activities, we recommend selecting a more technical fabric such as our Sports Series or Seaqual Series, that can be easily rinsed and washed after use.

Washing Tips

Some models can be hand washed, but it is critical to consider what you wash a cap with. The best way to wash a cap is by using warm water and a mild textile detergent without bleach (study the care label inside the cap first). Dry the cap by filling it out with a towel to help maintain the beautiful shape and avoid wrinkles. Keep away from direct heat such as radiators or sunlight while drying. PLEASE NOTE: Washing will affect the shine of the fabrics and can cause fuzzing or pilling. The viscose lining may also shrink during washing. Never machine wash your cap and always be sure to check the care label within the headband.

Varsity Headwear - Cap brush for cleaning

Wool, Cashmere and Alcantara Caps

Use a clean, moist cloth to wipe away any dirt or stains as soon as possible. Please note that stains, especially from sweat and chlorinated water, can discolor the fabric permanently if not removed quickly. We do not recommend washing this type of cap by hand. Use a moist towel and a small brush to wipe dirt/stains away. If smell is an issue, hang the cap outside in fresh air for a few days to let the fabric naturally air out.

How to Wash a Cap by Hand

Linen, College and Sports Series

For all other caps, it is possible to hand wash our cap but you must follow these instructions carefully. It can be difficult to wash at home due to the many types of fabrics inside the cap but it is possible. When washing, use extra care and wash at your own risk. We cannot take any responsibility for caps damaged due to washing.

Submerge the whole cap into a bucket of room temperature water and use our Textile Soap or a suitable mild textile detergent without bleach or chemicals. Gently “work” the soap into the cap’s panels/seams and let it soak for approximately 1-2 hours. Then, make a second bucket of clean room temperature water and soak the cap there while you wash away all the soap and rinse thoroughly. Hang dry in a suitable place and uphold the beautiful shape using a small towel or similar inside the cap while drying. Keep away from direct heat such as radiators or sunlight while drying. Check out our full video here.

Varsity Headwear - Oilskin Wax

Oilskin caps

We recommend applying our Reproofing Oilskin Wax to your cap as soon as you can see that the wax has dried up. To do so, heat the tin of wax in a bowl of hot water. Then, clean your cap with a cold, moist towel (no soap) and use a clean cloth or sponge to work the wax thoroughly into the fabric, paying attention to seams, creases and dry patches. Make sure that the wax is evenly spread and use a hair dryer in order to even if the wax spreads out. Hang your cap in a warm room to dry overnight.

As always, if you have any questions about how to care for your cap, our team is here to help. Send us an email to

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should I wash my cap?

In order to keep your cap in the best shape possible, we recommend washing your cap regularly and after any activity where it may have encountered sweat or harsh water such as salt water or chlorinated pool water. If you have oil-prone hair or skin or use makeup, these products can also discolor your cap. In this case, we recommend cleaning your cap often to avoid these stains becoming more visible.

How do you wash a cap without ruining the brim?

Unlike many caps, we use recycled plastic in our brims, rather than cardboard. This not only allows the brim to maintain its integrity with water, but is also better for the longevity of the cap and ultimately the environment!

How do I maintain the shape of my cap?

To maintain your cap’s perfect shape, it is important to consider the type of shape. We make caps in two styles – structured front and soft front. For structured front caps, you should avoid putting excess weight on the cap or placing it in tightly-packed luggage. If you are looking for a safe way to pack your caps, we recommend using our special-made Travel Case. On the other-hand, soft front caps are more forgiving. If you experience wrinkles related to folding, these are usually easy to remove using a steamer.

How do I keep a white cap clean?

While white is a beautiful color that is perfect for hot summer days, it can be difficult to keep clean. We recommend being extra careful to avoid surfaces or elements that may leave permanent marks such as dirt and sweat. To best maintain your white cap, we recommend washing it more regularly to reduce the appearance of any stains caused by frequent use, as it can be difficult to make a dirty white cap white again.

How do I wash sweat stains from my cap?

To prevent permanent and more visible stains, you should wash your cap after any activity where you sweat. Sweat stains can become permanent if you do not regularly wash your cap. Regular washing ensures that sweat has less time to soak into the fabric and leave these permanent marks.

How do I stop my cap from fading?

Dark colored caps have the potential to fade over long periods of time in the sun or when they come in contact with harsh water such as salt water or chlorinated pool water. Once a cap loses its color, it is not possible to restore the original color. Dark shades of fabrics like linen and cotton are more prone to fading, whereas wool and synthetic materials are better known to keep their color over time.

Can you wash caps in the washing machine?

We strongly recommend not washing your cap in the washing machine and to only wash with water if the material is suitable for washing. Please check the material of your cap and follow our guidance above to ensure the longevity of your cap.

Can you wash caps in the dishwasher?

We strongly recommend not washing your cap in the dishwasher and to only wash with water if the material is suitable for washing. Please check the material of your cap and follow our guidance above to ensure the longevity of your cap

Do you recycle caps that are beyond repair?

At our Oslo Flagship store in Majorstuen, we accept old, used caps in exchange for NOK 100 in store credit. From here, we try to recycle and reuse old components in the best way possible to further extend your cap’s lifespan.