Frequently Asked Questions


What are the differences between your cap sizes?

We have plenty of different caps in various sizes to find the perfect fit for you.

Our sizes:

XS (51-53 cm | 20-21 inches)

S ( 54-56 cm | 21-22 inches)

M (57-58 cm | 22-23 inches)

L (59-60 cm | 23-23.5 inches)

XL (61-63 cm | 23.5-24.5 inches)

All hats come with an adjustable strap on the back which you can adjust 1-2cm.

We have chosen the perfect height and fit for each size based upon extensive hours of refining and customer feedback.


What countries do you ship to?

We ship our hats worldwide. For all orders outside the EU and Norway you shop tax free, but please note that taxes and duties may apply when your order is delivered to your home country.  


Problems with delivery country in checkout/ Norway is the only option?

At the top right corner of your browser you will see ”SHIPPING TO – Flag + Country”.  Select this button to get a list over all the available countries we ship to. Select your home country from the list and the page reloads. Make sure that the country has changed to your home country after reloading. Proceed with your order.

Once this is done, during checkout you should now be able to select your home country from the countries list.

If you still only see NORWAY on this list, the “shipping to” change must be repeated, but try selecting another country first, let it reload on this other country and then after this change is visible, try again to select your country from the list. Some customers have experienced that this is necessary to successfully get the country list in checkout to update.

If the problem persists, try changing to another browser. This has helped in some cases. From our experience Google Chrome browser works well. If none of the above works, contact us to manually place your order.


How much duties and taxes do I have to pay?

All taxes and duties are included for orders to Norway, the EU and the EEA countries.  For international orders taxes and duties may apply when receiving your order. Please contact your local authorities to find out what the import and taxes may be. 


How long time will the shipping take?

We ship your order as soon as we can, for orders received before 13.00 pm CET+1 we usually ship the same day. Otherwise we ship the next working day. The shipping time varies from 1-5 days depending on where you live. In most large citites in Europe we expect the shipment to take 1 days from when the shipment leaves us. Please note that the actual shipment is handled by our logotics partners and therefore we have little controle of the deliverytimes once it has left us. 


How can I call customer service?

If you have any questions regarding our hats or general services you can reach our customer service on phone number: +47 21 50 72 30

Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00

Saturday 10.00 – 17.00


What forms of payment do you have?

 In our store we only accept payments via MasterCard, Visa and Paypal. We are also able to make invoices on demand for larger orders; this will have to be arranged via mail.


What are the different colors and fabrics on your hats?

We sell hats in various fabrics such as: Merino wool, wool, cashmere, oilskin, Italian linen and cotton.  To find your perfect hat, go to the shop page and find the right material for you.


The cap I want is no longer in stock, when will it be back?

All our collections are made from our custom made fabrics, therefore when we have used all the fabric for one season we do not reorder until the following season. If the hat you want is on our website but out of stock unfortunately you will have to wait until next season.

Some of our hats are based on different seasons and may not come back in later collections due to changes we may make. Any questions regarding this may be asked by mail or telephone.


I have received a gift card, how do I use it?

Digital gift cards: Select the hat you would like to buy, when you have fully completed your order and are ready to checkout there will be a box that enables you to input your gift card code to redeem the value. The gift card code will be on the gift card above the barcode.

Physical gift card: Please email in order to redeem your gift card and place your order or come by our store to get your hat right away.


How do I wax my Oilskin cap?

  1. Heat tin of wax in a bowl of hot water
  2. Clean your cap with a cold moist towel (No Soap)
  3. Use a clean cloth or sponge and work the wax thoroughly into the fabric paying extra attention to seams, creases and dry patches (only on oilskin fabric)
  4. Make sure that the wax is evenly spread out, use a hair dryer to even the spreads of wax.
  5. Hang your cap in a warm room to dry over night


How do I attach my Capsaver strap?

Please follow this link to Vimeo to see our little How to video  - Link to video


How do I cancel my order?

If your hat hasn’t been shipped from our warehouse, we can return the full amount paid. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to organize a refund.


How do I clean my hat?

Always use a clean and warm damp cloth, apply a little bit of textile cleaner to the cloth and gently rub the area you would like to clean, it may take more than one go to get it clean. This can also be done on the embroidery but make sure to move the cloth along the thread direction, and be very careful. The embroidery is a very delicate system of threads, and can easily be broken with too much disturbance.


Can I exchange or return my cap?

Yes, if your cap is still in perfect condition and you have not used the cap, you can both exchange and return your hat in our store and by post. The address you should return to is on the return slip inside shipping box. If you choose to exchange the cap by post you will have to cover she shipping costs (both ways) for this. If you return your cap using post this cost is at your expense. For returns we will refund you using the same payment method you chose when ordering. For international returns or exchanges please email us first to find a good solution as shipping costs for international orders are very costly. 


Where is your head office?

Our head office is located a few steps from Bogstadveien in Oslo:

Industrigata 52

0357 Oslo


Where do you sell your hats?

We sell our hats in various stores around Norway, Europe, and online. Go to store locator on our website to find the store closest to you or order online right here.


Can I change size?

If your hat doesn´t fit properly, you are able to change size if the tag is still on the item and it is not used. This can be done in our store and by post. For exchanges via post the customer is responsible for the shipping costs both ways.


Can I wash my cap in the washing machine?

We do not recommend you to wash your hat in the washing machine, due to the fabrics and textile on the item. Like any other exclusive piece of clothing you may have, wash it carefully with a warm cloth.


How does the adjustable strap work?

Film coming shortly.


What happens if I do not pay or accept the import charges or taxes when the order is beeing delivered?

The customer is responsible for the taxes and duties applicable and should check what these costs may be before ordering, if these taxes and duties are not accepted during delivery efforts our shipping partner will have to return the package to us again at the customers expense. 


What is the status of my order?

All orders are handled as swiftly as possible and usually shipped within maximum 2 working days. If you would like to know the status, please email us.


What is Varsity's social media name?

Instagram: @varsityheadwear


Snapchat: varsityheadwear


What is the Varsity Owners Club and how do I become a member?

To become a member of the Varsity Owners Club you need to own a Varsity Cap. When you become an Owners Club member you will receive our newsletter and be on the list for winning fantastic surprises and experiences we arrange for our costumers. If you are not a member, send us an email to and we will arrange for you to become one.


How can I sign up for your newsletter?

When you buy a Varsity Hat you will receive an email where you will be asked to join the Owners Club click yes and follow our latest news and updates.


Will you share my contact details with anyone if I order from you?

Yes and no, your details will be saved in our system and used internally for inhouse business activities, CRM and in some cases marketing acitvities. We share only the necessary information with our external shipping service provider, so that they can contact you when your shipment is ready for delivery. We do not sell customer information to any third party. 


Do I need an account to order online?

No, there is no account needed to order from our online store. To access the checkout page, choose your hat and go directly to payment.








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