Michelle and Ingerð - Varsity designers

Meet our talented design duo, Michelle and Ingerð. These two break down this season’s materials and how Varsity Headwear’s Autumn 2021 Collection came to be.

‘Heading into this season, we had a renewed sense of optimism as the world slowly started to open-up and we started to return to our everyday routines. Commuting, socializing with friends and spontaneous adventures once again became a part of our lives. This not only inspired the Autumn 21 campaign, but posed the question of what the perfect ‘commuter cap’ would be.

Male wearing varsity wool capOur staple wool blends and oilskin caps offer a natural and very versatile option for everyday wear. However, we found we were missing a more transitional cap that is designed with change in mind—one that provided similar insulation and protection, but was intelligently packaged into a single cap. To achieve this, we sourced a lightweight, refined wool that had an inner membrane that allows the cap to withstand wind and rain. This provided us with the perfect balance of functionality and sophistication in the form of our new Wool Tech Series.

We are welcoming the new season ahead and hope you find a cap that fits into your Daily Commute.


two guys wearing wool tech capsThe perfect balance of sophistication and performance. Wool Tech is a technical fabric sourced from Canonico, Italy. Its outer layer is made from a luxurious twill wool with a smooth and refined finish, while the inner layer is made from a durable membrane that is both water and wind resistant.


Umber Beige wool capMerino sheep produce a wool superior to others due to the fineness and softness of the fibre. This extremely soft material sourced from Italy is breathable, durable and moisture-wicking.


Varsity Cashmere Wool CapThis unique combination of cashmere goat and merino sheep fibres creates a superior softness and quality. The blend produces an exquisite fabric that is more durable and luxurious than pure merino wool.


Varsity Camel Wool CapCamel hair has been used for centuries in the production of fine garments. When blended with wool fibres, it creates a beautifully soft and insulating fabric that provides both warmth and comfort.


Guy wearing blue oilskin capSourced from the original developer in Dundee, Scotland, this fabric is made by applying a natural wax to the outside of cotton canvas, creating a beautiful water-repellent shine. As the wax ages over time with wear, it creates a unique texture with a patina effect.